KATIE LEAMON WORKSHOP /// little accordions . 24th OCT

KATIE LEAMON WORKSHOP /// little accordions . 24th OCT

Origami Est

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THURSDAY 24th Oct 2018 /// 6 – 8pm
KATIE LEAMON POP UP /// Elizabeth Street . Belgravia . London
Ticket price /// £35.00 (OR £45 to make your little accordions into a set of fairy lights)
ALL materials provided.

Join Est for one for her hugely popular & award winning origami workshops at Katie Leamon's (new this autumn) Pop Up Shop.

Est has been running workshops in London & across the UK for the past 5 years. She is an experienced origami artist and used to teach small people for a living, so is the PERFECT tutor.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn the art of using accordian folds to create beautiful geometric shapes. You will have the chance to make your own "Little Accordians". Esther will provide an array of papers to choose from so you can make your folds entirely to your taste. There will be bringing plenty of stunning papers from Katie Leamon's collections, as well as papers from other UK designers. The little accordions can make lovely little fairy lights. Select the fairy lights option if you'd like to use more paper and a set of lights to start making yourself a set at the workshop. There will not be time to make the whole set of fairy lights but you will have everything you need to take away with you to complete the full set at home.


Tickets are non refundable.