Origami Est

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  • SATURDAY 21st September 2019 /// 10am – 5pm
  • OH MY CAKERY /// Unit 311 . Hayley Court . Foxhunter Drive . MK14 6GD
  • Ticket price /// £120
  • ALL materials, refreshments & cake provided

/// Make the most of EARLY BIRD prices by 1st March . £95 instead of £120 . also make the most of our payment plan to spread the cost . pay ONLY £50 to secure your place today & the remaining £70 by 21st August ///

Join Est & Steph, of Flat 102, for an unforgettable workshop experience at the gorgeous Oh My Cakery.

Both Est & Steph are well experienced workshop teachers. Steph is first class in the world of screen printing, she runs Flat 102 from her home studio & has two of the most adorable children known to man. Est is a creative at heart & has a weirdly mathematical mind. Hardly surprising origami makes sense to her! Like Steph, Est runs Origami Est from her home studio and enjoys raising two little people in her spare time!

This workshop gives you a unique opportunity to create your own lampshade from SCRATCH. Steph will begin the day taking you through the process of screen printing papers. She will show you how to screen print using paper stencils. Steph will teach you how to utilise different paper cutting techniques to produce a stencil of your own design, along with how to prep the screen ready to print your own papers, for your lampshade.

(It is helpful to come to the workshop with the design you would like to print or some visuals that inspire you, but don’t worry there will also be some templates available on the day.)

There will then be time to take a lunch break while your paper dries. Throughout the day there will be cake & refreshments provided by Oh My Cakery, but it would be worth bringing an extra something for lunch, if you fancy.

In the afternoon Est will teach you how to make your papers into an origami lampshade. This gives you the opportunity to learn the art of accordion folding. You’ll be able to fold your papers into a giant lampshade, a stunning addition to any abode. Your finished lampshade will be suitable for a pendant light. 


You will then have a stunning, entirely original lampshade to take home.


Tickets are non refundable.