I was in the mood for making something valentines themed, so I thought I'd give these love hearts a go, they are rather addictive & take no time at all. Whether you want them to give to a loved one OR just to add a certain romantic something to the decor of your home I'm sure you'll also be just as obsessed as I am, once you know how.
// strips of paper (25 x 3cm is ideal, but not essential)
// scissors
// hands (preferable, but again, not essential)
Cut your paper strip to approximately 25 x 3cm.
With patterned side face down fold the shortest edge in line with the longest edge, to create a right-angled triangle.
Moving along the length of the paper, fold again, in line with the previous triangle.
Keep repeating this until you have about 3 - 5 cm paper left over.
(TIP // try to keep your folds accurate but not too tight, the paper will need malleability at a later stage)  
Fold the excess into a triangle, mirroring the one you've already folded. 
Turn over & trim any excess paper.
Turn back over. Tuck the new triangle into the original triangle.
With the longest edge at the top carefully apply pressure to the centre of the triangle's edge.
Push until you are happy with the size of the indentation.
Take your scissors and trim the top two corners into curved edges.
Keep tweaking until you're happy with the shape of your origami love heart.
Keep playing with different colours & why not try different sizes? Just increase the length & width at the same rate.
Practise always makes perfect with these things, so if you feel your first // second // third didn't quite go as you hoped do keep trying! Also, you may have noticed we broke the golden origami rules - we didn't use squares of paper AND we used scissors (oops!) BUT I think it's totally worth it to create such a sweet shape, don't you?
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  • Hi these hearts are so cute! Will definitely give them ago. Thank you. X


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