About Est


It’d be impossible to put a date on it, I have always been obsessed with making things, especially using paper. Even when preschool I remember endlessly making paper homes for my cuddly toys. My parents were brilliant at allowing me to be creative, even though creativity wasn’t something they’d claim came naturally to them. As a source of inspiration my mum would frequently take me to exhibitions both local & further afield. I distinctly remember being struck by the beautiful work of Bridget Riley when visiting the Tate Gallery and this seemed to spark a fascination with geometric pattern (& Bridget Riley books – of which I seem to have a library).

When I was at school I couldn’t get enough of art, design and maths. Which never seemed to make sense to both myself & teachers but when I went to university to study Graphic Design, it quickly became evident that origami marries all 3 passions together! Throughout my degree and since, I have enjoyed stretching myself with more & more complex models and still find so much satisfaction transforming 2D square sheets into something even more beautiful!

At the moment I live in a small seaside town in Kent, with my husband, daughter & two house rabbits, Hugo & Florence (who tend to enjoy nibbling my off cuts!). I enjoy being a mummy by day and a ninja folder by night! I find origami truly addictive and you can discover it’s addiction in my book Paper Home or take a look at my current collection of ‘Est’ folded designs.

Through my journey into origami I have discovered a passion for multi-modular creations. I enjoy celebrating the traditional Japanese art of paper folding while adding a contemporary edge. I have a background in both graphic design and teaching primary aged children, so running origami workshops is one of my favourite things to do. 



If you wish to enquire about sales, workshops or commissions, please do contact Est: info@origamiest.co.uk.