Origami Workplace Workshops from Origami Est

Book a modern origami workshop for your team to help boost creativity, mindfulness and teamwork with Origami Est.

Are you looking for a fun, relaxing activity for your team, that will boost creativity, promote mindfulness, and is suitable for everyone (even if they don’t think they are creative)?

Origami Est’s Origami Workplace Workshops can help boost your team’s wellbeing with valuable time doing something practical away from the desks. Origami gives the perfect balance of quiet concentration as you master the folds, calming mindfulness as you repeat the folds to create your segments, and satisfaction as your origami piece comes to life. Folding origami together promotes team work: you’ll notice participants help each other to master any trickier parts. And of course, everyone takes home a piece of modern origami they have created themselves from a few pieces of paper – what could be more rewarding?

"Est's workshops, are always great. The perfect balance of joy, learning and calm. Est has a wonderful ability to put people at ease meaning everyone feels comfortable to try something new, have a little fun and connect together."
Laura, Simply Business
Origami Workplace Workshops are suitable for total beginners, so everyone can take part. And it’s really fun.

Hi, I’m Est, origami creator and teacher. Showing people how to fold their own origami creations is my passion.
I’ve been teaching origami to groups for x years, and recently celebrated my 10th business birthday. Over the last decade, I’ve created many new origami designs, taught hundreds of online and face to face origami workshops, and sold thousands of origami kits, to help people reap the benefits of folding origami at home. Alongside writing an origami book, Paper Home, I’ve also appeared on several TV shows, including with Kirsty Allsopp.
The Benefits of Origami for Your Business
Folding origami is a mindful activity, which can help reduce stress, boost calmness
and creativity, promote patience and persistence and, when done together,
teamwork.Origami is a great brain exercise and makes the perfect break from work. As a beginner, you need to give it your full attention, switching your brain off from everything else, as you’re immersed in folding.

Online or In Person Origami Workplace Workshops
Origami Est Workplace Workshops are available face to face for groups of up to 30 people, across the south east of England, including London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. I’ll can come to your workplace or meet you a pre-booked venue as part of a company away day. 
For larger groups, remote working teams, or if your company is not in my geographical area, I offer online origami workplace workshops.
My origami workshops last up to 2 hours and I recommend you provide refreshments, as all that folding can really work up a thirst.
Themed Workplace Origami Workshops
You can make many of my origami designs at your workplace workshops: fairy lights, plant pots, flowers, diamond or star decorations are all ideal. Your team’s finished origami pieces make great gifts, so they can display them at home, or give to a loved one.
I can theme your origami workshop to many events, for example Christmas, International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Hannukah, Chinese New Year, Diwali, or Eid. Please get in touch if you have something specific in mind; I love a challenge.
All Origami Materials are Included
To make my Origami Workplace Workshops easy for you, I provide everything you need, so all you need to do is book, and let me know the number of workshop attendees. I’ll pack up a set of origami kits for you and bring them with me to in person workshops or send them to you in time for online events.
Prefer to source your own kits? I can give you a list of materials to make your own kits. The choice is yours.
Get in Touch for a Bespoke Quote
Please contact me for your Origami Workplace Workshop quotation, to experience the benefits of mindful folding for your team.