Why I'm so excited about my workshop with Steph...

In case you haven't already heard, I am going to be running a workshop with the wonderful Steph from Flat 102 . I am INCREDIBLY excited about this!
I only moved to Milton Keynes TWO YEARS ago. We moved from the Kent coast & had no family up here. BUT I knew I would be moving closer to some ready made community. For a number of years I had been social media chums with Hayley Southwood (of Southwood Stores) and Shaneen Cox (of Rosewarne Cox Photography) Through them I had begun to make connections with many likeminded people through Southwood Social Hub, many of whom lived locally to MK.
At my SECOND meet up at Southwood Social Hub (always a place you're guaranteed to leave buzzing from) I met the lovely Steph. Just as sweet in person as online AND with the cutest little 3 month old in her arms. We soon got chatting and discovered our biggest kids were the same age. 
Not long after that we began to meet more & more, including a play date for the kids, so we could natter and occupy the littlies (win, win!) From the offset we knew our businesses could complement one another in some way & so last week, when we launched the tickets for our COLLABORATIVE workshop I was doing the biggest happy dance!
What could be better - two workshops in one, screen printing AND origami - delivered by two passionate women who actually enjoy spending time together (and did I mention, it's going to be in a CAKERY?!) So grab a friend and have some fun with us.
There's been so much interest in this already and early bird tickets are running out soon - go grab yours HERE!

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