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Well hello there... 

FOLD is Est's QUARTERLY subscription box. We want to bring you exciting FRESH origami projects to your door every 3 months. These will be created by Est, sometimes with a collaborator & always with the intention to fill your home with beautifully crafted paper.

One of the greatest benefits of origami is it's strong links to mindfulness. If you can get a ticket to relaxation and produce something that looks gorgeous in the process, what's not to love?

What to expect

The kits will come with an element of surprise. Each kit will be sent at the 1st of the scheduled month, with only 1 - 2 weeks sneak peeks on social media (if you wish to know what's coming). However, there will only be a limited run of each kit so don't delay for too long or you might miss out if there's something your keen to fold.

The projects are aimed at beginners/intermediate folders. ALL the kits will come with a password to access a video where Est will take you through the project with hints & tips. 

Kits will be sent in JUNE // SEPTEMBER // DECEMBER // MARCH. The kit will be sent on the 1st of these months. If you subscribe outside of these months you will be sent your first kit on the next month a kit is being delivered. 



Kits can be sent internationally but will include a slightly higher shipping rate, as can be seen in our shipping policy.

You can cancel your quarterly subscription at any time, you have until the day before your next scheduled payment to cancel it. You will not then recieve the following quarter's kit. Annual subscriptions work in the same way, you can cancel up until the day before your subscription would be renewed. 

Customer Reviews

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A brilliant subscription

Est's attention to detail is brilliant. I've loved having a box arrive every 3 months. Always beautifully presented with fun projects that look great. This isn't the origami I grew up with as a kid (remember the cranes?) this is origami with style, fun to do and lovely to display.

Best idea ever

I have been doing Est's workshops for a while now and I am so glad that an origami subscription has been launched so you can fold along at home. The kits are beautiful and are really easy to follow, with a combination of videos and written instructions. If you are thinking about joining my response would be do it!


I have become truly addicted to origami workshops with Est so the next logical step was the subscription. And wow what an amazing kit !! It like getting a present as you don’t quite know what is going to be instead. Amazing quality and customer service makes it a great all round package that I would truly recommend

The actual BEST!

I have enjoyed Est's workshops since lockdown and jumped at the chance to do the subscription. It means I can keep my hand in and can continue to fold all the time.
The kits themselves are amazing!!! So so detailed, every little thing has been thought about. The instructions are clear and Est provides a video recording link for helpful tips too. The packaging and care of the kit is perfect, like everything Est does. Can't wait to receive future kits 😊