Everyone LOVES a Hen Party! Especially Est, and for all those craft loving & creative brides to be a workshop is the perfect way to celebrate during the day.

Est offers very flexible packages, suiting the needs of your party. Whether you'd  all like to take something beautiful home to treasure OR if you'd rather learn the folds for stunning decorations, to help your bride adorn her venue, Est can tailor the workshop to your needs. There'd be thorough consultation about colours and what workshop would be most suitable. 

Prices start from £20 per person. The price will include Est's tuition, all materials & a small gift for the bride. 

Please note the price does not include a venue, this must be arranged by the organiser of the party or in special circumstances, the workshop venues that Est frequently uses can be arranged with an additional fee.


Please do get in touch to start discussing your PARTY!